HMS Prometheus

by Alaric Bond

With Britain under the threat of invasion, HMS Prometheus is needed to reinforce Nelson's ships blockading the French off Toulon. But a major action has left her severely damaged and the Mediterranean fleet outnumbered. Prometheus must be brought back to fighting order without delay, yet the work required proves more complex than a simple refit.

Barbary pirates, shore batteries and the powerful French Navy are conventional opponents, although the men of Prometheus encounter additional enemies, within their own ranks. A story that combines vivid action with sensitive character portrayal. Number eight in the Fighting Sail series.

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The Eighth book in the 'Fighting Sail' series


First Edition:
Publisher: Old Salt Press
December 16, 2015
ISBN-10: 1943404062
ISBN-13: 9781943404063

First Edition:
ebook formats
Publisher: Old Salt Press
December 2, 2015

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